Do you ever feel like you are walking in treacle?

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I’m sure we have all been subjected to workplace meetings that were either unnecessary, disengaging, disorganised or simply did not achieve any results. When this happens it can feel like we are getting nowhere and feel very “stuck” – just like walking in treacle.

Perhaps we can also admit that sometimes we were culpable of playing a part in planning, leading or being an unprepared participant at these events.

Allowing People to Shine

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In the summer holidays my son was invited by a local fashion store to model some of their merchandise.  He readily accepted and loved the experience as you can see by the smile on his face.  He came home proud to show me the fabulous hoodie he had been given as a gift.

It got me thinking about how we as leaders need to be thinking of maximising the potential of our colleagues. 

5 Simple Steps to Thrive in Uncertain Times

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Uncertain times like these can cause one to speculate about the unknown. The human brain is wired to perceive uncertainty as a threat, and this can cause the imagination to lead us down a dangerous path of negative thinking and worst-case scenarios. Fearfulness, anxiety and worry often result in poor coping skills and we may find ourselves worried over outcomes that never happen or are simply out of our control.

There is though, good news. We can train our brains to override this hard wiring so that we deal more rationally and serenely with the unknown. And even better, it isn’t complicated, time consuming or expensive to do.

5 Thoughtful Considerations to Get You Motivated in 2022

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A good kickstart to get motivated and begin this year’s growth journey is to contemplate five simple yet thoughtful considerations.

These five considerations will help you reflect on your development from last year and will set you up for what you intend to accomplish over the next 12 months.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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The power of positivity

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Effective Time Management

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