Our Expertise

With decades of business experience, our dynamic team come from a wide range of professional industries, including law, engineering and manufacturing, psychology and counselling, finance, consultancy and HR. We each specialise in coaching and mentoring, with a wealth of know-how in the development and training of teams, senior managers and team leaders. We can personally identify with many situations confronting businesses today, and we will draw on our combined knowledge to help you to explore and resolve issues, with an individualised approach to professional development. Our experience has helped us achieve great results for our clients, helping to generate a more conducive working environment, a happier workforce and a more profitable organisation.

To find out more about how our expertise can help improve your business, give us a call on 01594 564803 or email bev.couzens@execedge.co.uk

About Us

Bev started her career in law, where she swiftly moved to senior associate and then partner at Edward Geldard Geldards Solicitors in Cardiff. She moved into business coaching over twenty years ago, when she began working as a consultant and Director for a UK franchise of a global development organisation. Bev realised that she could really make a difference with her coaching expertise and has been working for over two decades in leadership and management training, including strategy and planning. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. In addition to running the Executive Edge open programmes, Bev is passionate about developing tailored solutions and customising products and services. As co-director and co-owner of Executive Edge, Bev is enthusiastic and positive in her approach, and she loves to inspire change.