Executive Development Programmes

Exclusively designed for executives, such as Board Directors and Senior Managers, our customisable co-active coaching programmes develop senior leadership skills for organisational excellence.

The programme creates leaders who perform at their best, get the best out of their team and create a strong, confident and creative workforce, leading to a more profitable organisation. Our coaches work with delegates to ensure that each individual can apply the learning in the workplace. Our team are able to offer real time feedback to ensure leaders learn most effectively and make permanent positive changes. An ongoing Action Learning Set support group for each cohort ensures that senior leaders no longer need to feel isolated, and have a like minded group of people to bounce ideas off on an ongoing basis.

Choose modules that reflect the unique needs of your leaders and enhance their competence in:

  • Motivating and developing commitment in others

  • Creating a positive workplace atmosphere

  • Encouraging and embracing innovation

  • Communicating with impact

  • Improving influence and inspiring others

  • Supporting and empowering others

  • Resolving conflict effectively

  • Creating higher levels of engagement

To find out more about our Executive Development Programmes and how
they can work for you, email bev.couzens@execedge.co.uk

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