Introducing our latest online course – Developing Positive Intelligence

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What is positive intelligence?

Positive intelligence is a proven methodology originally developed by Stanford University Professor Shirzad Chamine to shift from negative thought impulses to a positive mindset and actively make our brains work for us rather than against us. 

The Developing Positive Intelligence ™ online course from Executive Edge helps individuals and teams thrive in the workplace, leading to a healthy mindset that will provide the foundation for high-performing leadership success. 

By discovering what holds us back and learning to master the most powerful parts of our brain, delegates will learn to: 

-Build and support high-performing teams

-Increase efficiency and productivity

-Thrive in challenging times

-Strengthen relationships in the workplace

-Improve well-being

-Increase resilience

-Lower stress and increase fulfilment in the workplace

Research demonstrates that businesses have significantly benefitted from positive intelligence programmes!

-76% improvement on employee development

-3x more creativity

-31% increase in team productivity

-37% higher sales

How will the course run and what can delegates expect?

-A high impact high intensity course run over 7 weeks

-App based and easy to use on the go wherever you are

-A weekly virtual POD meeting with like-minded people facilitated by Bev Couzens

-Membership of the wider PQ™ community via the App for personal interaction.

***To book or for more information please contact Bev Couzens via the details below.