The power of positivity

Bev CouzensStandard

By the time I’ve written this blog, I’m going to feel in control!

Even the simple small act of writing that line  can immediately change our mood for the better.

At times like this, while we’re all trying to get our heads around the unprecedented events caused by the Coronavirus, it can be a challenge to stay positive.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that everything is doom and gloom – all we need to do is listen to one news bulletins that focuses on the “what ifs”. 

But where does thinking negatively get us:

  • Decisions are driven by fear
  • Teams can become demotivated, and people feel undervalued
  • Everything takes twice as long
  • Creativity is stifled
  • Negotiations are win-lose
  • Apathy prevails

Thinking like this isn’t sustainable and will not help us through this crisis.  It drains our energy and impacts our motivation.  

On a more positive note, there are areas we can take control of.  These are:

  • Our thoughts
  • Our emotions
  • Our actions

When a negative thought creeps in we have a choice.  Yes, we should acknowledge the negative thought, and then we need to choose our attitude.  to have a positive attitude to our own lives and the lives of those we impact is within our power.

This is even more so if we are in a leadership position –our attitude, be it positive or negative can have a wide influence. Even if we are not 100% on board with staying positive, we should not underestimate the knock-on effect that an outwardly positive attitude can have on team members.

A change in how we are thinking costs nothing, it is just a conscience decision.